Dante (Portrait) - The Devil May Cry

And a new update! Click on the tumbnail on the left to enjoy a brand new fan art devoted to one of my favorite characters ever, Dante from The Devil May Cry.


Kaneda (Akira)

One new art added today folks!

For once, it's not a Supernatural or a Resident Evil art but a drawing inspired by the amazing movie Akira. Click on tumbnail to enjoy the art of the bad bad Kaneda. ;)


Resident Evil - Ada Wong III

Hi folks

A new update to celebrate the end of the year ;)

Check out our Fan art gallery to see a veeeeery sexy Ada Wong (yes, it's been ages, I know) I am sure you missed her :)


Supernatural - 3 new drawings

Yes folks! Supernatural again! Sorry about that if you are not a fan. If you are a part of the crazy Spn fandom on the other hand, don't hesitate to check out my three new illustrations below, you won't regret it ;)

- In the Beginning (Sam & Dean Winchester)
- The Devil Inside (Lucifer)
- Bad Company (Dean Winchester)


1 000 000 Visitors BIG UPDATE !

Hi Folks!

Today is definitely the biggest update in ages because I have one thing to celebrate! My website has reached 1000000 visitors!! That's awesome!

Exactly at the same time (what at timing ^^), my favorite show Supernatural has reached its 100 episodes and saying that it sets the whole fandom on fire (including me) was just an understatement. As I couldn't help joining the party, here is in just one update 7 fan arts devoted to the CW series. Hope you will like them. Just click on the following links and enjoy !!

- Abandon All Hope
- Nobody's Fault but Mine
- Don't Turn Around Sammy, Don't Turn Around
- The Strength
- Bad Omen
- Smoke & Lightning - Heavy Metal Thunder
- Smoke & Lightning - The City of Angels

So thank you all for your support whether you are a fan (Hi Mike!), a friend (Sylvestre, Anna, Keele, Baba, Passparla, etc..) or my poor Webmaster who had to bear my strange ideas when it comes to webdesign for more than 3 years now.
See you soon !


Constantine - John Constantine

Hi Folks ^^

Ready to hunt demons again ? No, no, this time the Winchesters are not involved but we are pretty close to the universe of Supernatural as today's update is devoted to one of the biggest influences on which the show is actually based : Hellblazer.

Check out our Fan art gallery to see our artwork devoted to John Constantine. Ok, it's Keanu, not the character from the original Hellblazer series but it's still not bad, hum ?

See you soon with a new update ;)

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